Founded in 1978 - An international Association of Collectors and Admirers of de Dion Bouton Automobiles and other products, affiliated to the French Federation of Historic Vehicles as their N°143.

 The Amicale, as the world's only representative for the Marque, as chosen for its Objectives : 

  • to keep alive the memory of one of France's most prestigious marques, 

  • to bring together the owners of its cars and other productions, 

  • to guard and strengthen the word-wide heritage of the marque, and of other makes which used de Dion components,

  • to encourage its presence at rallies and exhibitions,wherever possible throughout the world.   


The AdB must surely grow, to be worthy of those two great precursors of French and word-wide motor transport, Albert De DION and Georges BOUTON... Its organisers are appalled that in October 1994 we numbered only 35, although at least 375 cars were known to us throughout the word. 

A look at this record, though still very incomplete, shows that the Amicale must strive to grow - which is why an information Bulletin is issued monthly, a number of these being bilingual. If French owners number about 170 (with three corporations, the Municipality of Hauts-de-Seine, and the towns of Puteaux and Carquefou, as well as many Museums), there might be another 125 across the Channel. The rest of Europe might provide about 50, about 10 in the USA, as the same in Australia. They speak of 24 in New Zealand, just one in South Africa, and three in Argentine. But if we list just one each in Morocco and Monaco, at least their owners are prominent people - King HASSAN II and Prince RAINIER! 
There must be more than 1.000 cars surviving throughout the world, and we need th chase them up! 
There is just the one name associated with Puteaux that we must perpetuate!


The Marque



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An Amicale of owners

and admirers cherishing the Memory